Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen isn’t a fan of the NCAA reconsidering a proposed rule that would allow unlimited text messages from staff to recruits. The head coach believes everyone needs to understand times have changed.

“These are 18 to 22-year-old kids I deal with here on a daily basis and [we’re] recruiting 16 and 17-year-olds,” Mullen told Jim Rome on his radio program. “They don’t answer the phone; they’re not into phone conversations.”

Mullen says if recruiters are allowed to use social media outlets to communicate, it’s just common sense to enable them to text more.

“They allow us to Facebook, they allow us to Twitter, they allow us to Vine and Instagram and all the other stuff,” says the Bulldogs head coach. “It just makes a lot more sense to just let us text because that’s how young people communicate these days.”

Mullen admits there is a social media learning curve for coaches and that he’s “not the best tweeterer,” but you have to adapt to the times.

“They’re young kids and you’re developing [them] and if you’re not on their wavelength, you’re going to miss out and not communicate with them the best way possible,” said Mullen.


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