Mario Manningham

Info & Stats: San Francisco 49ers Wideout

All Topics: Injuring his knee | Rehab for his knee is going real well | Making sure he’s going to be 100% before he returns | The mental aspect is the toughest hurdle to get over when injured | Watching his team lose in the Super Bowl was the worst feeling ever | There’s no second place at the Super Bowl | Receiver situation in San Francisco | Playing with Colin Kaepernick | Kaepernick being electric | Kaepernick is a great leader | His hometown of Warren, Ohio | All love in Warren | High school ball | Michigan vs. Notre Dame rivalry coming to an end | Almost quit football at 15 for basketball | Tom Coughlin compared to Jim Harbaugh’s coaching style |

May 15th 2013

Mario on having to watch his team lose in the Super Bowl: “Worst feeling ever.”

Mario Manningham

Jan 25, 2012:

Mario on the Giants being a family: “Were all going to take credit for our whippings and our wins.”

Mario Manningham


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