Clint Dolezel

Info & Stats:  Philadelphia Soul Head Coach

All Topics: Arena League Football | Reaching out to Tim Tebow | Ron Jaworski is one of the owners | Could use Tebow in the Red Zone | Tebow’s mechanics | Adapt or die in the Arena League | Tim’s a winner | Doesn’t think Tebow can start right away | Tebow’s habits | Ron’s been dealing with Tebow’s people | Publicity for the league is great | Thinks he can help Tebow get back to the NFL | Arena League players can play | His playing career | His video game numbers | Calling his own plays as Qb

May 16th 2013

Clint on if Tim Tebow could start right away for his Arena League team: “Nah, I don’t think that’s possible.”

Clint Dolezel


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