Daniel Alfredsson

Info & Stats: Ottawa Senators Right Winger

All Topics: Playoff hockey | Pittsburgh series | Scoring a short-handed goal with 29 seconds left in Game 3 to tie the game and eventually win in 2 OTs | Resilient group | Overtime playoff hockey | Momentum | Mentally recharging after games | Still down 2-1 in series | Beating Montreal in the first round | Giving Pittsburgh a little too much respect in the first two games | Jason Spezza’s return | Being very fortunate to play his entire career in Ottawa | The city of Ottawa | Thinking about playing in other places along the way | If I want to win the Cup, I want to win it here | The reason he’s still playing is for the Cup | Lists some of his favorite teammates | Roy Mlakar

May 21st 2013

Daniel on playing his entire career in Ottawa: “I believe I’ve been very fortunate.”

Daniel Alfredsson


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