Adam Jones

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Minnesota Twins v Baltimore Orioles

Info & Stats: Baltimore Orioles Outfielder

All Topics: Taking 3 of 4 from the Red Sox is big | Not being afraid of Boston | The teams makeup | Chris Davis hitting his 23rd homerun | It all starts with Nate McLouth | Their lineup | Top to bottom our lineup is good | The majors is where it counts | Not being a huge baseball fan growing up | Other athletes would struggle in baseball because of the hitting | We have a cool job | Earl Weaver being his Twitter avatar | Weaver loved Showalter | Meeting Richard Gere | Cal Ripken’s record | Local Boys and Girls Club | Detroit food |

June 17th 2013

Adam on his social media update reaction to meeting Richard Gere: “You get the cougar’s coming out.”

May 30, 2012:

Adam on his new contract: “It feels awesome that it’s done with.”

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