Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones said he wasn’t a big baseball fan growing up in San Diego. That all changed though when he went with a family friend to a game to watch the Atlanta Braves play.

“Chipper Jones was there, it was his rookie year,” Jones told Jim Rome on his radio program. “I saw him playing 3rd base, Jones 10. I’m like that looks good on that dude.”

It was that moment the game piqued the outfielder’s interest, but took some time before he tried playing himself.

“Couple years go by, we go to more games in between [and] I just slowly start to like baseball,” said Jones. “San Diego gets its own baseball channel, I start watching more baseball, a friend asked me to play in ’96 and I’m here now talking about it. It was a just a spur of a moment that turned into a passion of a lifetime.”

The two-time All Star takes tremendous pride in knowing that he gets to play a game he loves and gets to make a living off it. Jones says he’s one of the select few who can play this hard game.

“We (his Orioles teammates) were talking about it the other day on the bench, what other people could play baseball?” Jones told Rome. “The answer is not many. Basically zero, in terms of other sports because none of them could hit. There are tons of players that can play center fielder like Ed Reed; tons of receivers, cornerbacks can play center field. But who can go up there with a bat and hit? I think that, in all of sports, is one of the hardest things.”

Jones takes his profession so serious he became one of the late Orioles legend Earl Weaver’s favorites because of his willingness to play daily. The gold glover says he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon either.

“I’m trying to break Cal Ripken’s record,” said Jones. “I know obviously it’s not going to happen but it’s one of my goals in life.”


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