In hindsight, Redskins wideout Santana Moss still agrees with Robert Griffin III’s decision to continue playing in last season’s NFC Wild Card game against the Seahawks.  Despite appearing to be injured, Griffin remained in the game, until he suffered a fourth quarter knee injury that resulted in total reconstruction surgery.
“My opinion, yes, I think he should have been out there,” Moss told Jim Rome on his radio program. “The competitor he is, I don’t fault him for not wanting to come out.  There’s certain kind of guys you want to play for and he’s one of those kind of guys.  He felt like ‘This is my team. I feel like we have a better chance with me out here on the field’ and you know to sit here and think about it… I would want him to be out there and so we can have that experience with him because I felt like he got us to that point.  I think he did what any great player would want to do and that’s go out there whether he’s banged up or not and play.”
Moss said staff and other players wanted Griffin to come out but he wasn’t having any of it.
“To be honest with you, a lot of people didn’t really want him out there,” said the veteran. “I saw Coach (Shanahan) go up to him numerous times trying to get him out, but RG wasn’t having it. He’s just one of those kind of guys. He feels like he wanted to lead us to where we need to go.  And like I said I think it was out of coaches’ hands. It’s all about the player at that moment.”
As for Griffin’s return this season, Moss said they’re taking it slow and there’s no reason for him to play in exhibition games.
“Right now, why take that chance…let him get all the rest he can get,” said the 2005 All-Pro. “We want to go out knowing come Week 1, he’s ready and prepare. [We don’t want to] have him go out here in preseason to prove something for no reason.”
Speaking of proving something, Moss isn’t concerned with the pundits saying he’s too old at 34 to get the job done any longer.
“I mean it’s just something to talk about,” said the 13-year vet. “That’s life people are going to have something to say about something.  You got critics for everything.”


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