Texas A&M’s Playbook

Texas A&M had a fantastic playbook for Johnny Football last season.  And now they’ve broken out another for the Summer of Manziel.

In the wake of allegations he took Benjamin Franklins for John Hancock’s, they’ve lawyered up with the same firm that repped Cam Newton when he stepped in it while at Auburn.

I see them working: Manziel’s their cash cow and if that cow gets dinged for five games, they’re going to have some really unhappy boosters and bankers.  But now they have a high powered lawfirm to battle an already overmatched NCAA.

Let’s face it, the NCAA is known for two things: writing dumb rules and doing a bad job of enforcing them.  And we’re likely to see both in this case.  Proving Football signed those autographs is easy.  Proving he got paid to, though, isn’t.  He’ll probably beat this rap.

I’d say see you under center week one but there’s plenty of time between now and then to do something baggy and blow it.


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