College Football – NASCAR Voltron

I just have to weigh in on this College Football – NASCAR Voltron that’s going to drop into Bristol Motor Speedway in 2016.

If the Raiders playing a football game on a baseball infield is the worst look in sports, then Tennessee and Virginia Tech playing one on a NASCAR infield might be the best.

Because while hoops on a deck of a carrier is awesome, you can’t fit 160,000 SEC- ACC fans on one.  Never mind that 120,000 of those fans will be so far away from the action they can’t tell the teams apart, I love this idea.

In fact, I say we up the ante.  I say they run a NASCAR race during the game. Hell yes. Call it passcar. Call it grasscar. I’m calling it the Vols and Hokies going to battle while Dale Jr. and Jimmie are going bumper to bumper at the very same time. It would be the ultimate beer fueled sportsgasm.

Better yet, why stop at just football and NASCAR. There’s room for an MMA cage on one end, and a WWE ring on the other. You get Kid Rock to set up behind the home sideline and Larry The Cable guy to do a set at halftime… Then you’re all set to make some noise. We’ve got 3 years to plan it, so I say expand it.  Git R Done!


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