We’ve done it. We’ve found the biggest loser on Twitter.  Great Rome.. That’s like finding the wettest water. They’re ALL losers. Not true. Not like the loser who tweeted death threats at Brandon Jacobs and his family.

First of all- you really want to threaten THAT guy with anything? Jacobs is 6’4 260 pound beast who once said, if anyone ever tries to break into his house, he will kill them.  Literally.  He’s on record.

But so is the cyber-gangster who tweeted at him before the Monday Nighter:  “ON LIFE BRANDON IF YOU DON’T RUSH FOR 50 YARDS AND 2 TOUCHDOWNS TONIGHT IT’S OVER FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY (N-BOMB)” Biggest loser… AND worst fantasy owner wrapped into one.

Dude if you really needed Jacobs to get you 17 points…it’s over for you and your season. Did you also need 200 yards and a tuddy from Greg Jennings? Because that would be more likely, considering Jacobs didn’t even play and was declared out well before the game. If you’re not going to check yourself on Twitter, at least check the injury updates like any self-respecting owner.

But unlike most Twitter death threats, this one has a happy ending… With the Giants getting NFL security involved and the little weasel getting scared “BRO RELAX …IT’S JUST TWITTER MAN…I TRUELY APOLOGIZE…I’M TRYNA BE YOUR FRIEND.. PLEASE ACCEPT?” From threatening his family, to trying be his friend in just a few characters.

For the last time, if your fantasy team is so important to your life that you’d threaten a player’s life, then you have no life.


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