Jake Peavy

Info & Stats: Boston Red Sox Pitcher

All Topics: 1st time in the World Series | Never wanting anything worse than a World Championship | The team chemistry | Being traded to Boston | Meeting Jonny Gomes for the first time | Gomes comments to him when they first met | The teams mindset | Explains why chemistry is so important | Numbers vs. Chemistry | We might not win 3 more games but we will die trying | Never had a clubhouse like this | Will pitch Game 3 in St. Louis | His postseason so far | Pitch to pitch

Oct 24th 2013

Jake on his 2013 Red Sox team: “Never had a clubhouse like this.”

Apr 18th 2013

All Topics: Win Sunday against Cleveland | Punching out 11 vs. Indians | The last road trip being a little tough on the team | Streak stopper | Toronto rumors last season | Re-signing with Chicago | Wanted to be in Chicago | Last season being the most gratifying year of his career | Only 31 | How his game’s changed | Velocity being back | Playing smarter nowadays | Losing A.J. Pierzynski | Misses A.J. but loves Tyler Flowers too | A.J. taking Tyler under his wing | A.J. is a winner | His tweet about Cleveland | Taking Southern California for granted |

Jake on his 2012 Season: “Really the most gratifying year of my career.”

May 23, 2012:

Jake on being able to pitch injury free: “It’s a blessing.”

May 23, 2011:

Jake on not being healthy in Chicago: “It’s been a disappointment.”


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