Larry Fitzgerald

Info & Stats: Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver

All Topics: Coming off a bye week | Defiantly thinks they have a run at the playoffs in them | Bruce Arians and Carson Palmer coming together | Growing pains on offense | 800 career reception mark | Trade rumors about him | Change is a part of the NFL | Pete Carroll being a fan of his blocking | Miami Dolphins bullying situation | Incognito’s racial slurs | Rookie taunting is a part of the game | Him paying a rookie fee |

Nov 5th 2013

Larry on the teams’ offensive struggles: “There’s always a few growing pains at the beginning.”

Sep 25, 2012:

Larry on last night’s Green Bay vs. Seattle ending: “The public outcry will be at an all time high.”

Jul 24, 2012:

Larry on if he enjoys Training Camp: “I really do.”

Feb 02, 2012:

Larry on Calvin Johnson: “He has no physical weaknesses.”

Sep 06, 2011:

Topics: Life is good | Happy with Kevin Kolb’s pre-season | His demeanor is great | Guys buying into Kolb and wanting to do well | Kind of effect he will have in the locker-room | Kolb is more fiery | Kurt Warner’s look if he did something wrong | Warner was never arrogant | Getting beat by Warner in basketball | Plays an “old-man’s” game | Adjustments to Kolb | Getting more comfortable every day | Knows what he needs from him | Go out and make plays to earn confidence | Feelings after last years season | Time is now | Frustrated with himself first | Plans to go back to “very good” | Trades and drafts will help for the future | Wants to end his career in Arizona | No agenda for the team | Ken Whisenhunt is committed to winning | Making moves in the right direction | Saw what Kolb is capable of doing | Big contract | Does money change guys? | Different kind of guys playing football | Wants to be in the Hall of Fame | Can’t buy that | Knows he can improve | Working on nuances of route-running | Best offseason ever for him | Always searching for his edge | Always want to strive to be the best | New time-piece

Feb 03, 2010:

Topics: How hard it is being there without playing in the big game | Warner’s leaving of the team | Warner the most unique guy he’s been around | Warner maintaining an even keel | Improving mental toughness | Helping other guys in the NFL train | Pressure taking a toll on Warner | Letting people down | Leadership in the locker room | Matt Leinart stepping into the role as lead QB | Matt just needing to make the plays | Anquan Boldin’s contract | Boldin setting a tone | Why WR’s are divas | Wide Receivers and their personalities | Thinking it’s funny; business as usual | Teammates not thinking much about “the show” | Going back to get his degree with the University of Phoenix; scholarship giveaway | Studying communications | Importance of going back and getting his degree.


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