Steve Nash

Info & Stats: Los Angeles Lakers Point Guard

All Topics: Teams first week of the season | Mike D’Antoni having a full training camp with the guys | Not having a real one on one player without Kobe Bryant | Needing to move the ball | Team defense | Kobe’s health | It’s obvious everyone is enjoying basketball this season | Guys getting to know one another | Turning 40 next month | Age just being another challenge | Rewards of playing still | Mental side of the game | Wanting to really enjoy the last 18-20 months of what’s left of his basketball career | His health |

Nov 5th 2013

Steve on his future: “More than likely there’s 18-20 months left in my basketball career.”

May 20th 2013

All Topics: First season with the Lakers | This season was a big disappointment | Injuries | Changing coaches six weeks in | Not finding an identity | Finishing strong | Players not fitting together as well as predicted | Trying to succeed in a very tough business | Give in take from coaches and players | Does expect Dwight Howard back with the Lakers next season | His body | Still working to get healthy | Playing with Kobe Bryant | Kobe can be hard to play with | Accepting Kobe for how he is | Great experience playing with Kobe | Kobe can make players around him better | Kobe struggles to find the right balance |

Steve on if he expects Dwight Howard to re-sign with the Lakers: “I do.”

Oct 25, 2012:

Steve on how rejuvenating it is to get an opportunity this unique like the one in Los Angeles this late in his career: “Very.”

Apr 17, 2012:

Steve on the electronic generation: “I think it’s sad when kids aren’t playing outside.”

Mar 29, 2012:

Steve on the Kentucky Wildcats playing a pro team: “They couldn’t beat an NBA team.”

Mar 30, 2010:

Topics: Feeling good coming into the playoffs | Change with the team since December and January | Difficulties he faces later in his career, overcoming those challenges | Struggling with his back and lower abdomen | Compensating; leading to other injuries? | Amar’e Stoudemire going through trade rumors, turning the corner | Into the Wind, the story of Terry Fox; saving lives from cancer | Team Canada winning the Gold in hockey | Pressure and expectations of the sport of hockey.


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