A. J. Pierzynski

Info & Stats: Boston Red Sox Catcher

All Topics: Signing a one year deal with the Boston Red Sox | Joining the World Champs | Very grateful to have more than one suitor | Wanting to play on the East Coast | Doing some media work | His reputation and perception around the league | Walking into a new clubhouse | Robinson Cano getting 240 million dollars | God bless Cano | Florida Gators football being comical | Jake Peavy | I love Jake | Jake wants to win | Jake’s always been about winning | Remainder of off-season |

Dec 6th 2013

A.J. on his Florida Gators: “Comical.”

Oct 29, 2012:

A.J.’s job status: “Officially unemployed.”

Aug 07, 2012:

A.J. on how Tim Tebow looks in Jets gear: “Not right.”

Apr 05, 2012:

A.J.’s take on managers: “You’re hired to be fired.”

Oct 28, 2011:

A. J. on Game 6 of 2011 World Series: “What a game, what an atmosphere, what a just everything.”

Oct 05, 2011:

A.J.’s thoughts on Ozzie Guillen leaving Chicago for Florida: “I wish nothing but the best for Ozzie and his family.”

Sep 07, 2010:

Topics: Off to a really nice start on this 10 game road trip | Winning 3 games in Boston | Playing good and not picking up games from Minnesota | We have nothing but the up most respect for the Twins organization | Getting Manny Ramirez | We added another tent to our circus with Man Ram being here | Manny’s getting big hits | Manny forgetting how to speak English | Ramirez can still hit | Manny’s presence in the lineup | Nyjer Morgan’s antics | Brawls | Baseball code | You never know baseball code | Brian Wilson | I can’t figure out Wilson | Our team has watched that interview on JRIB at least 500 times | Wilson is all over the place | Wilson being a ninja | NBA East | Orlando Magic | Magic will beat the Heat | Ron Jeremy is better than the Miami coach | Worried about Florida Gators | Reggie Bush | Don’t want to tweet | Want to have a normal life without Twitter | Seeing Sean Penn eat |


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