Washington Lands Petersen

The Washington Huskies may have momentarily taken a knee when coach Steve Sarkisian shocked them and bolted for USC.  But they bounced back in a huge way by landing the unlandable, Chris Petersen.

Every single year, Petersen’s phone would ring and every single year the answer was the same: no.  I love it here, and I can accomplish all my goals here at Boise State.

So why, after all this time, was the answer finally, yes? And why Washington, over USC, a gig you know he could have had.  Easy.

While Petersen’s a California native, Washington is a much better fit, much more his style.  And he’ll have a lot more leeway to do things his way than he would have, here in L.A.

And why leave Boise state for Washington?  Because it’s a better gig in a better conference, giving him a better shot at winning a national championship.

It’s a big swing, and credit for taking it.  There was no risk in staying where he was.  Leaving was the hard part because he won’t dominate the PAC 12 the way he did the Mountain West.  Nor will he be deified in Seattle the way he was Boise.

But it’s a big move for him and an incredible hire for Washington.  And he obviously leaves Boise State much better than when he arrived.  They’ll be fine.  Just not nearly as good as they were when he was there.


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