A day after rallying from 23 points down to beat the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay guard Josh Sitton still believes this was the best regular season victory of his career.

“The meaning of the game, keeping us alive in the playoffs, for the playoff push, it was huge,” Sitton told The Jim Rome Show. “I was almost in tears after the game. It took everything in me to not cry, it was one of those things that you were kind of speechless.”

Sitton acknowledged quarterback Matt Flynn has had his ups and downs throughout his career, but has always been at his best when he’s a Packer and yesterday was no different.

“He’s always seemed to come out and kick ass for us,” said Sitton. “Even when we were getting our ass kicked in the first half, he didn’t get down. He was the one on the sideline that kept getting me up, he just kept telling me ‘Just believe, man. Just believe.’ It honestly kept me going in the game.”

The Pro Bowl guard said everyone around the organization is mum on when Aaron Rodgers will be back, but he thinks it will be soon.

“I know as much as you all do,” said Sitton. “But I would assume [quickly], because he was so close last week. He looked good at practice.”

Sitton also took the time to explain to Rome why he’d last longer in a zombie apocalypse than teammate Greg Van Roten.

“He’s not a survivor,” Sitton said of Van Roten. “He’s a Yankee boy from up there in New York. He doesn’t know how to live on the land. I’ve been hunting for a long time. I know how to use a gun and clean an animal. He’s smart, I’ll give him that. He’s got me in that department, but I’m going to outlive him for sure. And he’s way worse of an athlete than me.”

Sitton also laid out his strategy for dealing with a zombie attack.

“You get to cold weather,” Sitton said matter-of-factly. “Zombies definitely don’t like cold weather and you already have a plan in place, people you trust that you have to be around. Then you have lots of weapons and you try to fortify yourself in a big place with a big old fence. Then you try to just rock on and kill lots of zombies. That’s honestly I hope how I go out someday, in a zombie apocalypse.”


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