Women’s Bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey called her UFC 168 opponent Miesha Tate a “fake and terrible” person and says there are many in their sport who feel the same way about Tate.

“I know for a fact she’s a bad person,” Rousey told The Jim Rome Show. “It’s absolutely mind-boggling the amount people that have come to me begging to help me with my camp because they were slighted by Miesha and her boyfriend Bryan [Caraway] in some way. I mean they’ve hopped from camp to camp to camp and they’ve pretty much burned so many bridges along the way that there’s people begging me to help me to beat her.”

Rousey said there’s a reason Tate’s had to make this fight personal.

“You can’t make it an athletic rivalry,” said the champion. “There’s really no comparison – I’m an Olympic athlete, she’s a high school wrestler.”

The undefeated fighter also said she’s not a big fan of a fight in Brazil this weekend that’s between a man and women.

“MMA is still a new sport, we’re still fighting to get public acceptance for it every single day,” said Rousey. “It’s very controversial and fights are crazy. You just don’t know what’s going to go on. You just can’t assume the women’s going to win. If there are images of a women getting beat up by a man circling throughout the world, it’s going to be very hard to get people to accept our sport.”

Rome also shared Green Bay Packer Josh Sitton’s cold weather zombie apocalyptic strategy with the champ but she didn’t seem to buy it.

“I think it would kind of be a bad idea,” said Rousey. “I haven’t heard zombies not liking cold weather. I would picture they’d have difficulty walking through fluffy snow. I would think if you’re in cold weather, in a post-apocalyptic world, it would be very hard to get heat. Then, all the fires you would have to light to get warm would actually attract zombies.”


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