Bolo Power

Did you catch Philip Rivers’ act late in their game.  Dude was AMPED! Then again, he was amped when we sat down on Thursday and that was just coming off the practice field.

Rivers is running on some serious power: BOLO POWER: Time was, the bolo was just for Cowboys and Hipsters.  Now it’s for winners.

Rock the string tie, rock a string of wins.  And now that string is up to five straight.  Rivers is running on bolo power and the Bolts are running on crazy fuel.  They embrace the hate.  Hate that says they’re not good enough.  They are.  Or that they’re a finesse team: they’re not.  Just check Danny Woodhead lowering his head and running between the tackles.  Or that they can’t win in cold weather.  Just ask linebacker Donald Butler, quote: “Honestly, that’s what you dream about.  Fourth quarter, NFL playoffs, elements start coming, it starts raining, you’re on the road.  You can’t invent a better scenario than that.”

Maybe I can, Don.  Because now you’re headed to Denver, where you’ve already won and where the bolo tie made his national TV debut.

And you’re going to face Peyton Manning in the playoffs, which is the best time to face Peyton Manning.

If you didn’t believe in bolo power before yesterday, you better be a believer now.  Because Bolo is the new Yolo.


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