Nebraska Football Is Back

ANSWER:  This American city founded in 1854, has a population of 408-thousand, a low-rate of violent crime and HUGE role in the Denver Broncos offense…What is Omaha, Nebraska?  CORRECT!

Disgruntled Husker fans might disagree… but Nebraska Football is back… and it’s being shouted from Peyton Manning’s piehole.

I have huge love for The Cornhusker State… but I bet the Chargers hate it. And listening to the Peyton Supercut… I can’t say I blame them.



Dude said Omaha 44 times…. and got the Chargers to jump off sides five times.

The City of Omaha should get the game ball. I just wonder who drew Omaha duty in Pats practice this week. The safe bet is that Ryan Mallett is standing over center for the scout team screaming it all week. Because this things gone viral… Omaha was trending #1 during the game.

The Omaha Visitor’s Bureau jumped on board… Omaha Steaks joined in, but the run may be over this Sunday. Because if I know 18- he’s gonna change it up for the title game. Belichick’s guys will be ready for Omaha… he needs to try to deek them with LINCOLN LINCOLN! NORTH PLATTE! NORTH PLATTE!  SOUTH SIOUX CITY- HUT!

Works every time. Peyt…  Eric Crouch, Scott Frost, and Tommie Frazier welcome you to the club of quarterbacks who have done Nebraska proud

You’re one step and a few more off-sides flags from the Super Bowl… and the road to Jersey runs through Omaha.


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