Romanowski: ‘Green light it was go time for sex, red light it was off’

Former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski said when he played for the San Francisco 49ers, the players had to receive permission to have sex the week of a game.

“The big joke every Thursday was ‘green light-red light,’” Romanowski told The Jim Rome Show. “You just don’t know how much fun we had as a group of grown men when Bill Walsh talked about red light or green light. Green light – it was go time for sex. Red light – it was off.”

The four-time Super Bowl champion always knew sex was off-limits if a certain rival was their next opponent.

“If we were playing the Giants, it was red light,” said Romanowski. “We knew we had to be on. We had to be mean and nasty, with a lot of buildup.”

Not surprisingly, Romanowski says he’s researched the science behind the notion that sex before a game weakens you. He’s not convinced by what he discovered.

“I can’t find any study that is actually legit and real,” said the two-time Pro Bowler. “I just know that there are always references to boxers and Bill Walsh was big on that. So if a boxer did it, guess what? He tried to make us do it.”

Bill Romanowski


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