Warren Sapp says he was comparing Michael Strahan’s Pro Football Hall of Fame resume to ballot newcomers Walter Jones, Derrick Brooks, Marvin Harrison, and Tony Dungy when he said the former Giant comes up short of enshrinement. Sapp said Strahan will make it to Canton, but just didn’t feel this would be the year.

“I was stacking it up against the four first-time guys,” Sapp told The Jim Rome Show.

The Hall of Famer wasn’t happy Strahan made it personal when he called Sapp a “coward.”

“He took it to a level that it didn’t need to be,” said Sapp. “I was just talking about his resume. I didn’t say anything about his gap tooth or his S words or his F words that I don’t understand. What the hell he is saying? So if he wants to go personal we can go personal, but I was just stacking his resume against the class.”

Sapp seemed shocked by Strahan’s rebuttal.

“What did I say, that was so bad?” Sapp said to Rome. “Tell me? That’s why I’m trying to figure it out. I was just talking about the class. He called me a coward, really?”

The NFL analyst made it clear he’s no coward and would be more than willing to tell Strahan how he feels at any time.

“Pick the spot and I’ll come see you and you can have a dose of it,” said Sapp. “If you think that’s what it is, pick the spot and I’ll come see you.”


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