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All Topics: Radio Row | Have had a lot of surgery the past two years | Fighting back | Jaw cancer | Being cancer free now | His sons battles | E.J. Manuel | Manuel is what you want in a quarterback | Bills making bad picks | Bills GM Russ Brandon | Still lives in Buffalo | Buffalo people are great | Explains why he still lives in Buffalo | The Seattle Seahawks needing to keep Peyton Manning on the sideline | His Super Bowl experiences |

Jan 30th 2014

Jim on E.J. Manuel: “He’s what you want in a quarterback.”

Jim Kelly

Dec 16, 2011:

Jim on Stevie Johnson’s touchdown antics against the Jets: “That was so childish; I don’t even know why you would even think about doing that.”

Jim Kelly

Feb 04, 2010:

Topics: Visit to South Beach | Getting into bloody fights | Hunting with his brothers | Walking the right path in his life | Destined for greatness | Buffalo finding a quarterback | | BeOnTheField.com spokesperson.

Jim Kelly


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