NCAA champion, Olympic gold medalist and now NBA All-Star Anthony Davis had no idea he’d accomplish so much in his basketball career before the age of 21, but says there’s better things to come.

“It’s definitely surreal. I didn’t expect to be an All-Star my second year, to be a gold medalist before I even stepped a foot on a NBA floor, never expected to do any of that,” Davis told The Jim Rome Show. “Just knowing everything I did [up to] now, I’ll just do more. The ceiling has no limits for me. I’ve just got to keep working hard, keep playing hard, and keep competing and who knows what’s more to come.”

Davis also clarified that his viral dunk shot was not a response to LeBron James, a day after the Heat star’s slam contest video was released.

“Me and my teammates after practice, we were just dunking,” the second-year forward said. “We weren’t even thinking about the LeBron dunk. I did the same dunk and they were like ‘Did you get it? Did you get it on camera?’ They just wanted to record it. I did it again and they put it on Instagram. But it was no direct thing towards LeBron. Everybody knows LeBron has way more dunks than me.”

As for his shout of “put me in the dunk contest” at the end of his video, Davis said that was in fun and said he can’t hang with the competition.

“That was just more in the moment,” said Davis. “I don’t think I can compete with the guys in the dunk contest. Paul George doing 360 windmills? I can’t do that.”


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