10-Second Rule Has Been Flagged (page 28)

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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

How perfect. The NCAA is pumping the breaks on the rule that would slow down the modern offense.  The 10-Second Rule has been flagged for lack of facts.

Those fighting for it did so in the name of “player safety.”

One problem, no one ever demonstrated that playing faster jeopardized the players in any way.  In other words, just because you don’t run and can’t figure out how to defend it, is no reason to run into a crowded theater screaming, Safety! Safety!   And this is why so many coaches had their thumbs down and their middle fingers up.  It’s why Rich-Rod called it a joke.  Mike Leach said it was disgusting.

And Mike Gundy called it borrring.  And they’re all right.  Because the only coaches who want to slow down offenses are the coaches who can’t keep up with them.

This isn’t a safety issue; it’s a security issue; as in job security.  And if you want it, you better get your team in better shape and get your offense into the 21st century.  The 10 second rule should have taken exactly one second to rule out.

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