Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury was happy to hear the NCAA’s legislative council approve a proposal that’s going to allow schools to give players unlimited meals and snacks.

“That’s huge, that’s something I’ve been all for,” Kingsbury told The Jim Rome Show. “I’m not sure if we want to give them a ton of extra cash right now, but if you can give them more meals, you can give them better clothing allowance, better housing arraignments, that’s all great. To be able to be feed these kids three times a day, which is what we should have been doing all along, is really going to make a big difference in their lives.”

Kingsbury, who served as Texas A&M’s offensive coordinator before taking over in Lubbock, has been contacted by NFL teams for evaluations of Johnny Manziel. Kingsbury has nothing but praise for Manziel, but tells teams they should be calling the players who lined up with the quarterback.

“Those guys in the locker room to a man would run through a wall for him,” said the 2012 Texas A&M offensive coordinator. “I tell the GMs I’ve talked to, and head coaches, please go interview his teammates and listen to the stories they tell and how they feel about this guy because to me that’s the greatest testament that any player, especially a quarterback, can have.”

Kingsbury said Manziel’s teammates will vouch for his competiveness, something he says sets the 2012 Heisman winner apart from anyone he’s ever been around.

“They know on Saturday’s he’d die before he didn’t get a first down,” said the former quarterback. “He’s running through people, he’s selling out, he’s diving, he’s doing all the things that as a teammate you want to see your teammate do. He attacks the game every Saturday with a competiveness I’ve never seen and a fearlessness I’ve never seen and those guys will follow him anywhere.”

As for the biggest challenge facing Manziel in the NFL, Kingsbury believes it will be the consistency of bringing it every week in an NFL season that is 20 games long, including the preseason. But he believes the 21-year-old will adjust.

“The preparation each and every week is so detailed and so much goes into it. It’s just a whole different level,” said Kingsbury, a former NFL quarterback himself. “He’ll just have to adjust to that. But, like I said, he’s very competitive, he wants to be the best and I know he’s going to attack that.”


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