Blazers 2. Rockets Zero. Rip City peeking. Clutch City panicking.

James Harden can’t hit a shot.  But he did splash his analysis. The floor’s yours, Beard. “LaMarcus Aldridge killed us once again.  Game 3 is our season.”  

Nailed it. Give the Rockets credit though. They were so motivated after LA dropped 46 on their building in Game 1… That they knuckled up last night and held him to 43. Bunch of floor slappers down there!



Fact is, it didn’t matter what they did. Nobody on Earth knows the Power Forward position better than Kevin McHale, but nobody in the NBA can stop Portland’s power forward right now. The Rockets ran two bigs at him with Dwight Howard and Omer Asik… LA just ran them over. McHale could throw on a gamer, then give a few more to Ralph Sampson, Yao Ming and the Dream…. And Aldridge is still throwing dirt on the Rockets.

Who says the mid-range jumper is dead in today’s game? I just watched a perfect weapon stick 13 of the in the home crowd’s face… Every cheesy copy writer can scrap their snappy little “Houston has a problem” headline. No they don’t, you dorks… Houston has a 6’11 240-pound crisis. Defcon 1. The LaMarcus Aldridge bandwagon is SRO. The Rockets are SOL. Quoting Randall Newman  – I love LA.


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