R.A. Dickey

Info & Stats: Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher

All Topics: Thinks this is the team they thought they had last year | Very healthy this season | Pitching staff has tightened up | His fast start | Usually getting stronger as the season goes | Warm weather helping his game | Knuckleball elements | Being engaged in each pitch | His approach | His elbow | Tommy John epidemic | Teen age pitchers throwing in the high 90s now | Sports specialty | Knuckleballers needed? | First time throwing a knuckle ball to Vladimir Guerrero |

June 3rd 2014

R.A. on the 2014 Blue Jays: “This is the team we thought we had last year.”

R.A. Dickey

May 04, 2012:

R.A. on what the perfect knuckleball is, “One that you can repeat”

R.A. Dickey



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