UFC president Dana White believes former Strikeforce fighter and current actress Gina Carano will be signing an agreement with his promotion shortly.

“Really close, really, really close,” White told The Jim Rome Show. “We are a couple of minor points away from getting this deal done.”

White talked about the admiration current women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has for the Hollywood actress and the possibility of the two meeting in the octagon. Rousey has said that Carano is “the worst style matchup for me possible.”

“The thing with Gina Carano is, Ronda respects her so much. She’s like one of Ronda’s idols,” White said. “Ronda made this statement recently, ‘You want to keep working hard until your heroes become your opponents.’ I think that’s the way she looks at Gina Carano.”

White also talked about the Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier fight being moved to Jan. 3 after the light heavyweight champion injured his knee in practice.

“It drives me crazy,” White said of how Jones got hurt. “First of all he’s fighting a 5’ 10” unbelievable wrestler – that’s who he is facing in Daniel Cormier. [But] he’s training with 6’ 10” no-wrestling, all-standup kickboxer Alistair Overeem. And Alistair Overeem lands on his leg and busts his knee up and gives him a high ankle sprain. I mean I just don’t know why he would be training with Alistair Overeem for a fight when he’s going to fight a 5’ 10” wrestler. I don’t know, it’s frustrating.”

White’s history with Jones’ coach Greg Jackson has been well documented, but the president held back from letting Jackson know his feelings about the injury, until now.

“I wanted to pick the phone up about twenty times and call him and say ‘What are you doing? Why’s he training with Alistair Overeem to fight Daniel Cormier. Please tell me how that makes sense?’” said White. “But I didn’t. I bit my tongue, until right this second.”


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