10 Down, 72 To Go

You knew they’d eventually get to this point, I just didn’t see it happening ten games into the season: the Lakers got smashed up, and humiliated.  Again.

This time by Golden State, 136-115…in a game that wasn’t nearly that close.  And after watching Kobe Bryant jack it up 34 times to get his 44 in that beatdown, his teammates went public with their frustration: Carlos Boozer said “We’ve got to find a balance.  It can’t be lopsided we’ve got to find a balance.”

Jeremy Lin went even further saying, “the game of basketball is…we’ve got to do it together.  It can’t be…if I go into a game concerned about myself, then in some ways that’s detrimental to the team.”

Of course.  If you went into the game thinking only of Jeremy Lin, it would be detrimental to the team.  You’re Jeremy Lin.  But he’s Kobe Bryant.  And when he looks around, he doesn’t see Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Ron Ron and even Andy Bynum.  He sees you, Jeremy, and Carlos Boozer.  A couple of dudes he can’t trust and probably doesn’t respect.  Of course he’s going to jack it up.

And you know Laker fans would rather see Kobe get 44 in a beatdown than see Lin and Boozer get 15 each in a beatdown.

Just wait until Swaggy P comes back and he needs his touches.  I’m not saying they’re necessarily any better for Kobe going black hole and jacking it up 34 times a night. But I can’t say they’re any worse for it either.

But is there anyone, anywhere, who’s surprised by any of this.  What did you all think was going to happen when this roster hit the floor? The black mamba was going black hole for 6 months straight.

You’re paid to see the floor, Jer. But you’re the only one who couldn’t see this coming. 10 down. 72 to go.


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