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(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Info & Stats: Arkansas Razorbacks Head Coach

All Topics: Two straight SEC wins | SEC West | Senior day vs. Ole Miss | Our kids not flinching in tough times | Jonathan Williams | 3 close games this season | His guys training 24 and 7 | Their training programs | Year 2 | Just scratching the surface here | The kids they recruit | Having the biggest offensive line in all of football including NFL | When big people talk others usually listen | His adjustment to the SEC | The world being full of haters | Arkansas life |

Nov 24th 2014

Bret on Year 2 at Arkansas: “Just scratching the surface.”

June 2nd 2014

All Topics: Rough first season at Arkansas | Tough transition year | Very excited about this years’ team | Rough seasons in his past | Number one thing is they got better | LSU game | Getting that first taste of an SEC victory | Opening up against Auburn | Auburn’s quick turnaround | Recruiting in the SEC compared to the Big 10 | Explains the kind of kids they are looking for

Bret on their 3-9 Season: “Number one thing is we did get better.”

July 22nd 2013

All Topics: His time in the SEC so far has been awesome | Current Arkansas players are very excited | People doubting their team is fun | Been voted to take last this year | Practicing in Arkansas | Hurry up offense being a health risk | SEC Media Day blowing him away | Wisconsin fan base compared to the SEC | Gordon Gee’s false Alvarez comments towards him | Difficult leaving Alvarez | Needing more than what he had at Wisconsin | His presence on Twitter | Not afraid to mix it up with Twitter | Protecting his name |

Bret on his brief time in the SEC:It’s been awesome.”

Dec 07, 2012:

Bret’s goodbye to Jim: “Go Hogs!”

Aug 16, 2012:

Bret on his Wisconsin Badgers philosophy, “The more success you have, the more people that love to hate”

Oct 18, 2010:

Topics: Beating Ohio State | Expected success against the Buckeyes | Getting off to a fast start | Focus on details | Ohio State is a good team; expected a dog fight | Having that game at home | Student section was very intense | Being a 4 quarter team | Sending a message about smash mouth football | Barry Alvarez | Alvarez addressing the team last week | It’s easy to find big people in Wisconsin | Had to get a signature win | Big statement for our guys | Iowa up next | Need the same kind of effort against Iowa | Playing Iowa on the road | Losing to Michigan State on the road | Recruiting | Hopefully the big wins will help with recruiting | 19 play drive against Ohio State |

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