Cam Newton

Info & Stats: Carolina Panthers Quarterback

All Topics: Radio Row | 2014 Season | Team handling adversity | His car accident | The accident giving him a new outlook in life | Reset button | Going two months without a win this season | His teammates playing through pain | Greg Olsen’s situation with his son | Football players are real human beings

Jan 30th 2015

Cam on the lesson his car accident taught him: “Do not take anything for granted.”

Feb 1st 2013

All Topics: Radio Row | His body language | The competitor in him | Needing to be a professional | Being scrutinized all day every day | He chose this profession |  Internet hoax on him breaking his legs | Manti Te’o situation | Te’o in a NFL locker room | Ron Rivera | Rivera saying Cam stopped putting so much pressure on himself | Steve Smith | First time meeting Steve | Steve’s advice to him | Steve’s been great | Colin Kaepernick | Kaepernick at Nevada | Kaepernick jumping in midseason and not even blinking | Alex Smith

Cam on everyone scrutinizing him all day every day: “It’s the profession you chose.”

Feb 02, 2012:

Cam on the NCAA Investigation about his recruitment by Mississippi State: “It was an investigation solely off speculation.”

Oct 26, 2010:

Topics: The season is getting crazier by the day | It feels overwhelming at times | No. 1 goal this season was to win football games | We knew we were good | Reason for leaving Florida was Tim Tebow coming back for his senior year not trouble over a computer | Explains laptop situation at Florida | Playing at a Junior College | Totally different playing at a JUCO in Texas than Florida; it was hard at one point | Tim Tebow | Being around Tim | Tim’s competitive nature made everyone better | Went to Florida with the intention of being the starting QB | Comparisons to Tim Tebow and Bo Jackson | Bo | Coming from JUCO to Auburn | Recruiting trips the second time around | Business move


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