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Info & Stats: Former 1st baseman and current MLB Network analyst

All Topics: Opening Day is here | Padres acquiring Craig Kimbrel and Melvin Upton | Padres | Being traded on the eve of the regular season | If Washington doesn’t win the World Series their season will be a failure | Bryce Harper’s development | Josh Hamilton situation | Hamilton’s passion | Pedro Martinez joining the MLB Network crew

Apr 6th 2015

Sean on the Washington Nationals: “If they don’t win the World Series I think it will be a failure of a season.”

Oct 6th 2014

All Topics: Kansas City sweeping the Angels | We’re learning that KC is pretty good | C.J. Wilson not making it out of the first inning in Game 3 | Angels big bats not hitting | San Francisco vs. Washington, Game 3 tonight | SF vs Washington, Game 2 going 18 innings | Giants being so tough to beat | Los Angeles Dodgers vs. St. Louis | Clayton Kershaw giving up a five run lead in Game 1 | His Twitter avatar | Adam Dunn | Loves Dunn

Sean on the Kansas City Royals: “I think we’re learning these guys are pretty good.”

Mar 31st 2014

All Topics: Opening Day as a player feels like Christmas morning | Dodgers already playing 3 games | Being more of a traditionalist | Dodgers being frustrated with Yasiel Puig already | Thinks Puig will figure it out | Clayton Kershaw heading to the DL | Aroldis Chapman taking that liner off his face | Nerves of coming back from that injury | Pitchers needing more protection | New York Yankees spending spree | Yankees rotation | Miguel Cabrera contract extension | Mike Trout’s new deal | Larry Bowa

Sean on playing Opening Day: “You feel like its Christmas morning.”

Apr 10, 2012:

The Mayor on Ozzie Guillen’s comments about Fidel Castro: “You can’t really brush this one off as Ozzie being Ozzie.”

Oct 20, 2011:

Sean on the rule that gives the winning league of the All Star game home field advantage in the World Series: “It’s terrible.”


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