Peyton Manning Trade Rumor

Peyton Mallard chucking ducks to J.J. Watt.  Can you picture it?  The Denver Broncos could. Reportedly. Allegedly. Possibly.

According to 94.1 in Denver, the Broncos tried to trade Peyton Manning to the Houston Texans over the off-season.  Here we are, I’m in my 18th year, I’ve thrown for about 70-thousand yards and we’re talking about sending my ol butt down to an average team where I’ll be the second biggest star and have to beat out Brian Hoyer. I mean what’s the world coming to?

I don’t know Peyt, but I know what your career is coming to – the bitter end.

Even if the Broncos say this is BS.  And Peyton’s agent says it’s the first he’s heard of it. And the Texans give a big fat “no comment.”  Maybe the report’s not true.  But I know several things that are: Peyton looked terribly gassed at the end of last season.  Denver couldn’t even compete with Indy in the playoffs because their QB couldn’t throw one of those geese more than 10 feet.  He got booed by his home fans. And in a stacked AFC, it looked a lot like The Mallard’s window was shut.

Plus, Denver’s staff has always sung the praises of Brock Osweiler.

And last of all- we know John Elway ain’t playing.  And he’s not afraid.  This is a man who was so concerned about pleasing Peyton that he brought in a new head coach, new coordinator and got 18 to take less money before his 18th season.

If Gangster John would kill TebowMania after TRT won a playoff game, he’d shoot down the Mallard after he got trucked in one.

Maybe, Elway was never going to trade Manning.  Just don’t tell me it didn’t cross his mind.  Because you know it did.


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