Florida Or Ohio

It’s back. Time to play another round of “Florida or Ohio.”

I tell you the jacked up story, you tell me if it went down in the Sunshine State or the Buckeye State.

Hands on your buzzers. No help from the audience. Here we go.

An NFL quarterback coming off a Week 1 loss in which he played poorly, heard some chirping from the angry fans about the play calling. Asked about fans’ opinions on offensive strategy, this quarterback said “It’s like a kindergartner saying something to a college kid.”

So, which state produced a quarterback who’s already snapping at this home fans after just one week? Was it Jameis Winston… Or maybe Blake Bortles repping Florida? Or was it Johnny Manziel for Team Ohio?  The answer is…….. FLORIDA!

Jags quarterback Blake Bortles is today’s winner, for hitting his own fans with kindergarten smack.

Here’s the thing Blake, you may even be right. Every jersey-wearing fan who plays Madden thinks they know play-calling. Some Jag fan who went 12-4 in Season Mode on “Rookie” Level thinks he’s Bill Walsh. They’re not. But you’re not the guy to tell them that.

Because fans wouldn’t be good at play-calling. But you’re not good at Playing. You’re 2-13 as a starter.

You’re saying they’re kindergartners talking to college kids. You haven’t done anything since you were a college kid.

And sniping at what few Jags fans are still interested in the team doesn’t say much for your decision making. It’s a pick 6. Even worse than the one you threw on Sunday.

Don’t forget – you play for a team that had to put in pools, cabanas and show other teams highlights to bring fans to the stadium. Instead of cracking them you should be thanking them.

But you did bring home a victory in “Florida or Ohio”  – so at least you won those kindergartners something.


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