Green Bay wins, Fantasy owners roll, the Packers cover, Aaron Rodgers rules the world, so everybody wins…well, except the Chiefs.

Well actually, last night’s biggest losers were the 49ers. Because they’re the draft professors who took Alex Smith back in ’05 while Rodgers stewed in the Green Room.

Former Niners Coach Mike Nolan was in his living room last night throwing the remote against the wall watching Smith v. Rodgers look like Checkers v. Chess. And I get it.

Because if the Niners had taken Rodgers in ’05… Nolan would STILL be suited up and coaching them. The reason we know the names Tom Jimsula and quote, Colin Sackorpick is because Frisco made the wrong pick.

Rodgers teammates are comparing him to 45. His backup Scott Tolzien says “I mean, to me, it’s like watching Jordan in his prime.”

And this Jordan is playing without his Scott Pippen. Rodgers has been so rattled without Jordy Nelson, that he came out on the first drive last night and targeted 6 different dudes on the first six snaps. 5 Touchdowns later, he really was in MJ shoulder shrug mode.

The game just looks way too easy for the dude.

Everybody harps on how long it’s been since Rodgers threw a pick at Lambeau. I’m wondering if he ever will again. For him – incompletions feel like interceptions.

The defense can give up a 15 yard play and it feels like a win because it didn’t go 50.

He doesn’t have Davante Adams and Jordy Nelson?  So. He could Adam Davante and Judd Nelson and he’d still kill it.

45 could have won the Eastern Conference with Toni Kukoc and Cliff Levingston if he had to. Give 12 a couple warm bodies, Josh Bob Sitton and a ball, and he’ll get you to the playoffs.

Bad night for the Chiefs. Horrible decade for the Niners.

Tom Brady may be the NFL’s angriest QB. Aaron Rodgers is by far the best.



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