Golf Clap

I know this nation is obsessed with zombies, but I’m not about to say that the Ravens just reanimated back to life.

Golf clap- you finally won a game, but mostly because the Steelers gave it to you.

Really, it’s not like either of you wanted that thing.

It was like two doofuses in an elevator saying – “After you.” “No, after you, I insist” And then they both exit at the same time and smash into each other.

The only thing the Ravens have in common with a  zombie is that they’re still ROTTING. John Harbaugh celebrated on the sideline after that win like he just beat his brother in the Super Bowl again. John Harbaugh- you just narrowly avoided going 0-4 because the other team blew four consecutive 4th downs. What are you gonna do next??  I’m going to Disney World!!

I’ll say this for them – they’re going against Cleveland next. Then they’re going to San Francisco.

I just want to know what’s going on with Joe Flacco? Credit to Joseph I guess – for the first time in his career he’s not boring. Because he’s taking sacks, throwing picks and fumbling. And he has absolutely nobody to throw to.

Watching him drop back right now is… To quote one of guys he USED to throw to..  OCK-WOOD!

So before I say that the Ravens just crawled out of their grave, let’s run down the list -Their best weapon is their kicker. Their best player is also their oldest player. For the first time since Ray Ray they just gave up a 100 yard rusher. And teams that start the year with 3 straight losses are… 0 for their last 82 at making the playoffs.

That win didn’t save the season. Baltimore just finally decided to START their season.  But it’s too little, too late.


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