Georgia Is Still A Farce

I think we’ve all been flipping channels on a lazy Saturday, come across some movie we’ve seen 500 times… And we get sucked into watching it anyway. That’s what it feels like to watch the Georgia Bulldogs in a big game.

You’ve seen it so many times over the years… You don’t even really like it… But there’s nothing better on, and you always seem to turn it on at the exact same part: For Georgia, that part is the opening kickoff, in that scene where they open the movie by getting their teeth kicked in.

Of course Georgia got destroyed by Alabama on Saturday. It was a big game. Against a big program. Nicky Sabes in the building! Big boy pants time for Mark Richt. And he got his underpants yanked over his head.

What a yawn. Andy Dufresne escapes from Shawshank. Bruce Willis is a ghost the whole time. And Georgia gets their head served on a platter when it’s big boy time. Biggest lock in the sport.

The second you saw that Georgia was actually favored over Alabama, you could have bet every buck in your bank that they’d get clocked. They don’t even bother making it interesting any more.

At home, against one of the most beatable Bama teams they’ll ever get a shot at  –  and the Dawgs are down 35 points in the middle of the 3rd quarter.

Turns out Alabama is still a force. Georgia is still a farce. The fakest fake tough guys in college football.

Don’t get me wrong, Dawg fan – you’ve carved yourself a nice little niche. You’re the leaders of the B+ teams. A classic good but not great program. Nothing wrong with being the captain of the Junior Varsity. Your guy Richt is going to get you your 9, 10, 11 wins – every year. And he’s going to give you a humiliating big-stage loss to a better program –  every year.

The only silver lining about all the off the field problems that Georgia has, is that they overshadow the on-the-field problems. But Saturday we got a nice, fat, 4 touchdown reminder.

The Georgia Bulldogs… A really nice team, who doesn’t really matter, and the most predictable Saturday movie ever.



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