Jared Allen

Info & Stats: Carolina Panthers Defensive End

All Topics: Giving it the old college try in the 3-4 as an outside linebacker with Chicago | Going back to where he’s supposed to be in the 4-3 as a defensive end | Going to an undefeated team | Chicago is headed in the right direction | Numbness in his left foot | Luke Kuechly | Wounded Warrior project | His Pro Bull Team | His bull, Air Time | His wife wouldn’t let him get on the bulls |

Oct 15th 2015

Jared on how good the defense can be in Carolina: “Sky’s the limit.”

Apr 3rd 2014

All Topics: Picking doors out for a new house | Birthday today | Life has changed | Signing with the Chicago Bears | Everything fit together in Chicago | Chicago’s defensive system | Exciting time for him in his life | Seattle visits | Seattle is a phenomenal organization | Hitting a couple snags in negotiations with Seattle | Excited about the players in Chicago | Lance Briggs | 3 great organizations to be a part of him |

Jared on signing with Chicago: “It’s an exciting time.”

May 2nd 2013

All Topics: 2012 Season | Making the playoffs | Never know how many shots you’re going to get at the Super Bowl | Playoffs aren’t enough this year | Young guys on the team | Having good character guys on the team | Playing with a torn labrum | Having his first surgery this off-season since he was 5 years old | Finally being able to sleep | Christian Ponder | Ponder’s final four games of the year | Ponder needing to be consistent | His golf tournament |  Explains how his tournament differs from most | Slip and Slide | His family being very military driven | Playing a game for a living |

Jared on the 2013 Season: “Playoffs aren’t enough this year.”

Aug 07, 2012:

Jared on Adrian Peterson’s health: “He looks phenomenal.”

Aug 05, 2011:

Jared on his hairline: “Man, I’ve been slamming propecia.”

Sep 20, 2010:

Topics: 0-2 start | Not the place we want to be but we have been here before | Gut check time | Biggest issues | We need to get points on the board | Defense needs to shut teams down and get some turnovers | Silver Fox | We are a little dumb founded right now | In practice everyone looks good | Absolutely thought they should have beaten Miami | Battle in the trenches against Jake Long | Decided to talk some trash early against Jake | Taking down the mullet | It was the mullet lifestyle | Still rocks sleeveless shirts, love America and respects the others who rock the mullet | His new cookbook | Cook what you kill |

Jan 05, 2010:

TOPICS: Earning a bye-week | Coyote season! | Blowing off steam; sleep | Getting rested up | Laying a beat-down on New York before the post-season | Local press reaction | Coach and player disagreements | Reaction to the situation between Favre and Childress | Personal reaction to be told to come off the field | Just having fun with the interview | Not a “roadie” | Involved with Junior Rodeo | Reaction to the Rodeo and toughness | The “elevator” process | Combination of “both” | Reaction to Brett Favre coming into Minnesota | Favre one of the fellas’ in the locker room | Favre the “Silver Fox”.



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