You know me – I’ll always give credit where credit’s due.

And I want to tip the cap to Rex Ryan. His goal was to change the Buffalo Bills. And credit to the big fella. He has. He’s made them worse.

Mafia – you can say what you want about Doug Marrone. He never lost to the Jaguars. Rex just did. And he’s lost 3 of his last 4. And he has the Bills in last place.

And he just had his team fly 3,500 miles to give up 34 points to one of the worst teams in the league.

This was the Rex Ryan defense that was going to dethrone Tom Brady? They can’t even beat Blake Bortles.

And they can’t even win the textbook “Get Right” game. That’s what this was. You’ve had a couple losses. Your players are mouthing to the media. So you beat the crap out of Jacksonville, get right, and then get to your divisional schedule. That’s how good teams do it. Good teams get right. This team got punched right in the mouth.

This was the first NFL game to stream live online. Buffalo looked a lot like a live stream themselves: Weak, Shaky, inconsistent and so frustrating you finally just say forget it.

I know, I know, you’re banged up. You have plenty of injuries. I get that. Just as I get no one cares. And regardless of how banged up you are, Rex’s bully should be able to handle 1-5 Jacksonville. And it couldn’t. No excuses.

Their defense last year was excellent. But Rex’s Dee has nothing. They don’t make plays. They’re not flying around. They don’t light dudes up. They just got trucked by a rookie running back, who went right up the middle, all day long. That badass Bills D… Made T.J. Yeldon look like Walter Payton.

When you look at names like Marcell Dareus, Mario Williams, and you look at the Jaguars ripping off runs on them… You look at the head coach in the sweater vest who’s letting it happen.

If this is a Super Bowl Defense, why don’t I see even one Pro Bowl player? They had three last year, what happened? Rex happened. And this guru’s made this D worse.

Remember in the preseason when Rex was asked about the playoffs and just kept saying “We’re Going! We’re Going!”* Yeah you’re going all right Rex… It says here you’re 7-9.  If you’re lucky.


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