Typically, radio talk about 72 wins is a triple-U.

Any time an NBA team gets outta the gates, the gasbags start going to the phones asking if that team can run down the Goat.

Forty-Five, Scott, Worm and Phillip ripped off 72 wins twenty years ago, and since then nobody’s even come close.

That terrifying 99-2000 Lakers team could only get 67.

Remember when Bron joined the Heatles and they were supposed to win 80? They couldn’t even get 60.

And most years, screaming about an NBA team getting to 72 is as lame as predicting an NFL team will go 16-0. Except maybe this year.

We’re almost to the point where saying the number 72 isn’t a triple-U. Because the Warriors are way out of hand. They’re playing stupid basketball. And I don’t mean they’re making stupid decisions. I mean they make other teams look stupid by having off nights and still beating them.

Ask the Raptors. They catch Steph Curry on a night when he has 7 turnovers, Toronto put up 110, Kyle Lowry and Demar DeRozan got 28 a piece, they were down 1 with 12 seconds left…  And they lose.

Golden State shouldn’t have won that game. That was their “C” game. Sloppy as hell, And it still doesn’t matter. And not against some scrubs either. Toronto’s a solid squad, and Golden State, being the defending Champs and undefeated, has a giant bullseye on their back and are getting everyone’s best shot. And it still doesn’t matter.

There’s still a ton of basketball to be played. And it’s early. But it’s not that early.

And the collective chip they have on their shoulder isn’t that small. And now they’ve tied Mike and the Fellas with a 12-0 start.

And now another big test. The Clippers, tomorrow, at Staples. I know the Clippers hate them; it’s time to show me something and beat them.  Forget that it’s a mid-November game; this one is going to have a playoff feel to it. It’s personal.  And it’s bitter.

And if the Clippers don’t beat a rival they hate, who’s unbeaten, and in their house, that’s going to tell us something about both teams.

Win that game, and we may as well just pencil in Golden State for 20-0. Then we can legitimately talk 72 wins.

Biggest test of the season tomorrow night. MJ and the Zenmaster have the Dom on ice.


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