Champ Bailey

Info & Stats: Former NFL Cornerback

All Topics: Lovie Smith being fired in Tampa Bay | It would be strange for Tampa Bay to hire within if they make Dirk Koetter their head coach | Johnny Manziel | Manziel is immature | NFL Playoffs | Kansas City’s defense | Eric Berry | Denver naming Peyton Manning their playoff starter | Rest will help Peyton | Turnovers | Loves Kansas City in the playoffs | Steve Smith’s compliments of him

Jan 7th 2016

Champ on Tampa Bay firing Lovie Smith after two seasons: “Unbelievable.”

June 23rd 2014

All Topics: Things he was looking for in free agency | Believes they have a shot at a Super Bowl this season | Defense needing to create more turnovers | The teams secondary can be real good | The young guys responding to him | Playing with Deion Sanders and Darrell Green | Looking up to Rod Woodson | Super Bowl blowout | Won’t get over the Super Bowl loss unless he gets another shot at it | Washington Redskins name | Thinks it’s time to change the Redskins name | His injury last season | Learning a lot about his feet | Playing defensive back now compared to when he came into the league in 99 |

Champ on the Super Bowl: “I’ve got to get another shot.”

June 19th 2013

All Topics: The mood in Denver right now | Ending the 2012 Season on a sour note | Knowing we have a good team | Rahim Moore having a tough ending against Baltimore | Moore is a hungry young player | Moore wasn’t the only reason why they lost that game | Not his best game either against Baltimore | Super Bowl | Peaking too early? | You have to get hot at the right time | Turning 35 in a few days | Still wanting to play at a high level | His approach now | Balance | Retirement | Peyton Manning | First season with Manning | Manning is the best in the game | Jack Del Rio being back for a second season is huge |

Champ to Jim on what he may do when his football career ends: “I might come sit next to you Rome.”

Jun 27, 2012:

Champ on trying to win a Super Bowl: “That ring is so special to me.”

Nov 14, 2011:

Champ on their ground game: “If no one can stop it, why quit running?”

Feb 25, 2011:

Champ on re-signing with the Denver Broncos: “It feels good, it’s been a stressful couple months.”


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