Info & Stats: Indianapolis Colts Kicker

All Topics: Radio Row | Two decades in the NFL | First arriving in the NFL | Pat McAfee’s decision to retire and join Barstool Sports | A teacher changed his life at 7 years old | Weight room | Being competitive | Starting his career with Amsterdam Admirals | Bill Parcells | Misses vs. Makes | Ryan Grigson being fired | Seemed like there was power struggle between Grigson and Chuck Pagano

Feb 2nd 2017

Adam on Bill Parcells: “He didn’t care for kickers.”


Feb 3rd 2016

All Topics: Radio Row | His kids | All-Time Super Bowl Team | Been very blessed to be on some really good teams | Kickers missing in the playoffs | Blair Walsh’s miss vs. Seattle | New extra point rules | Team game | Blair Walsh’s off-season | His future | Would prefer to stay in Indy | Chuck Pagano situation | Chuck cares about his players | Peyton Manning | Think Peyton will retire if he wins the Super Bowl | Pat Tillman

Adam on if he’d like to continue to play in Indy: “I’d prefer that.”


Jan 29th 2014

All Topics: Radio Row | Explains what the weather means for the kickers | Clutch | The more preparation you do the luckier you are | Work ethic | Mentality | Playing with Andrew Luck | Luck is awesome | Luck is special | Joe Montana | That “it” factor | Montana was the man | Brady vs. Peyton Manning in their prime |

Adam on being clutch: “The more preparation you do the luckier you are.”


Jan 30th 2013

All Topics: Having a good time down here | Picking his spots in New Orleans | His 2012 Season | One of the best years he’s ever been a part of | Chuck Pagano’s diagnosis | Having Andrew Luck on your team is very special | Andrew leading the team | Pagano connecting with the players quickly | Pagano loves his players | Bill Belichick | Belichick’s approach | Marshall Faulk saying the Rams were cheated by the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI | Spygate

Adam on playing for Chuck Pagano: “He loves his players.”


Feb 01, 2012:

Adam on if Peyton Manning will return to Indy: “I think personally he will come back.”


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