If the masses are going one way, I’m bolting the other way. And if everybody’s clowning him, I’m gonna take up for Nationals manager Rusty Baker.

I get it. When the team announced they were hiring him, a lot of the reaction was “Rusty Baker??”

Sure he’s a baseball lifer, he’s had success as a manager, but the thought was that maybe a 66-year old man wasn’t the best to relate to millennial players like Bryce Harper. And sure enough, Rusty got off to a bad start when he said in his opening presser that Latin and African American players bring more speed to the game, and that we don’t really know what caused Aroldis Chapman to allegedly choke his girlfriend. Rough first step for Rusty, and I didn’t have his back then.

But now y’all are laughing because he referred to his best player yesterday as “Royce Harper.” And then he Royce’d him a second time.

So what? Bryce/Royce, you knew who he meant. Rusty’s just getting to know his knew players, cut him some slack.

I imagine today we’ll hear this thoughts on Brian Zimmerman, Dax Scherzer, Paul Revere, Justin Applebon, and Ethan Stasburg.

Can you blame him? That Nats are loaded. The Rust man’s got lots of names to learn from top to bottom. He’s a little older now.

This isn’t the same Rusty who was managing Gary Bonds and Seth Kent in San Fran. Or even the guy managing Craig Maddux, Terry Wood, and Royce Alou in Chicago. But he’ll get there.

And one of the things Rusty can really teach to these young Nationals, is appreciation for the history of the game. Sure he slightly missed on the name of the MVP on his own team. But Rusty can tell his clubhouse all about MVPS of years past to give them perspective. Legends like… Sal Ripken, Brett George, Bo Morgan, DeAndre Dawson, and Ron Mattingly. The message will sink in.

Just give him a little time to get familiar with his players. I’m sure he’ll stop calling Bryce Harper “Royce Harper” sometime before the All-Star break. Until then……. YOU’RE LUCKY HE EVEN SNIPERS THE NAME THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE FOR YOU BASTARDS….. LEAVE RUSTY ALONE!!!”


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