That Warriors win in South Beach should go in the 2016 time capsule. If they break the Bulls’ record and rip another ring, this is the kind of night you tell your grandkids about when they ask about this Warriors team. It was the entire Golden State experience.

The Heat broke their backs trying to beat them, they failed. Check.

They tried everything to stop Steph, they badly failed. Check.

He snapped another 3-point record. Check.

Splash Bro One got 42. Check.

Splash Bro Two got 33. Check.

And before the game the opposing star went Standard Op and tried to use a metaphor to describe them. Check.

Dwyane Wade threw some bleep at the wall, and said that the Warriors pretty much just play really well coached pick up ball. “The best way to describe it is they’re the best open court run you can have… It’s like open gym”

I think you mean “worst” way to describe it, WOW.

The Warriors are NOTHING like an open gym.

You know why they really call it an “open gym” – because all 10 dudes on the floor think they’re always OPEN and want to shoot. There’s no passing, there’s just shot jacking.

The Warriors are one of the most efficient, selfless teams in basketball. Dre Iguodala says their goal is to make 310 passes a night. There aren’t a hundred passes over an entire Saturday at an open run. The only passes you see in those games are INBOUNDS passes… Where guys fight to grab it so they can dribble 20 feet and launch it.

We’ve heard the Warriors are like a video game. We’ve heard that they play with cheat codes. But the metaphor for the open court run isn’t even close.

I don’t see Andrew Bogut out there thinking he can shoot 3s. I don’t see Klay Thompson cherry picking on D. And I don’t see anybody at an open gym doing this.

Lucky? That was just a 40 foot layup.

Don’t get my wrong, WOW, there’s some resemblance to an open run. A bunch of guys definitely THINK they’re Steph Curry. They shoot from the same distance. But the only ones they don’t brick are the ones that they air ball. It’s just like an open gym… As long as that gym is American Airlines Arena, Staples, The Grindhouse, The Mecca and all the other gyms they’ve burned down this year.

That’s why the Warriors are a hilarious 51-5. Teams can’t stop them. Guys can’t even describe them.

In this case – Way of Wade doesn’t have a Way with Words. You just got beat, and if this was an open Gym… You’d be writing your name on the marker board trying to say You got next.


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