Derrick Rose is the NBA’s crazy dime piece that you just can’t quit. You’ve been down the road before, you know how it ends, but she looks so good that you just can’t get her out of your head. So you go down the road again.

In Rose’s case- driving down a road is buying in that he’s finally back.

It’s believing that THIS is the time he leaves all those injuries behind; this is finally the time he returns to looking like an MVP.

He’s so flashy, so explosive, then it’s almost impossible to resist. He’s even buying into it himself. Rose said this week “I just feel like I’m back.”

And then 24 hours later, he’s missing the entire game with hamstring tendinitis. He’s back all right. Back to being good ol “D-Rose in street clothes.”

Sadly, it encapsulates the D-Rose Brand. Just when you’re falling back in love with him… he’s going back to the training room.

He has been playing great. The Chicago media is jumping on him being back. ESPN is heralding “the return of Derrick Rose” – they’re all getting back with the girl who’s the psycho. I’m not getting seduced again. At least not yet.

I hyped the hell out of this dude when he won the MVP. That year he was the best show in the league. But every time I start to geek on D-Rose -his knee explodes.

Or he stays off the court so he can be healthy at graduations and board room meetings. And considering he was asked who he consulted about not playing and said “myself”  – we’re going to see a lot more of that.

It’s a been a nice stretch this season. But until he’s in the playoffs trading buckets with LeBron and tearing down the rack…. I still can’t trust this dude, and there’s no way I’m ready to take him back.


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