One Last Time

Kobe can’t do this night in and night, of course. But he can still pick his spots; and knowing this was going to be his last ever matchup with LeBron, he dug deep.

Before the game, there was talk that Kobe might sit out with a bad shoulder. No chance. His arm could fall off and he was still going to drag himself out there for his last meeting with LeBron.

Not only did he show up, Kobe had a night: led the team with 26 points on 11 of 16 shooting and made three 3’s. That was pretty cool. And impressive.

He even got LeBron on the old up-and-under move and had the fadeaway working, too. Bryant obviously can’t do that every single night, but he can still pick his spots. Like last night.


Anyone who bought tickets or tuned into see one last showdown between two legends, got what they wanted. And the Lakers lost. Kobe had himself a night, and the Lakers didn’t go and choke by winning this game. Win…win.

Last thing Laker fan wants is to see the team wreck a season’s worth of work by melting down at the end, winning a few games and losing that top three pick overall. Something that was actually looking realistic, when they imploded and started winning games recently. Eyes on the prize, fellas.

Salvaging this season and having something to build on next year, could wreck the next five years. Don’t do it. You don’t jeopardize your future by winning a few meaningless games right now. Now is not the time to be a hero. It’s the time to lie down, let nature take its course and protect that lottery pick you have to have.



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