Social Networking Talk

Looks like Cavs GM David Griffin lost in rock-paper-scissors with owner Dan Gilbert. Because Griffin was the one who had to talk to LeBron about his social networking.

You know nobody wanted that job. Nobody wanted to go to the guy who runs the entire city and basically say –  hey Bron – cool it with the social networking, buddy. It’s not a good look for the company.

But David Griffin got that job, according to TNT, and had to have a little chat with Bron about his recent act on Twitter and Instagram. Lots of luck with that.

It’s gotta be awkward enough for Griffin already that LeBron basically does his job. Now what- he’s gotta interrupt one of his shirtless workouts to tell him to put the phone down? That sounds like a dicey human resources problem right there.

In 2016, you can’t just tell an employee to lose weight. You have to choose your words carefully to tell an employee they need to start wearing deodorant. So how do you tell your most important employee to stop being a bag? That’s a tough ask.

Especially when that employee doesn’t see a problem. Telling LeBron to stop posting embarrassing workout videos… Is telling him to stop striving for greatness, cuz. How are you going to get the most powerful man in the company to stop doing something that he lives for? In fact- he dies for it too! Lots of luck.

This isn’t the normal case where a junior account manager is making some inappropriate jokes in the break room. This is the LBJ CEO doing whatever he wants and not seeing any problem with it.

You think Griffin can really tell him to stop tweeting cheesy motivational successories as thinly veiled shots as his teammates? That’s the boss expressing his beautiful mind.

Trying to take those little twitter toys from Bron is like walking into the corner office and taking that little putting machine away from the boss.

Griffin’s lucky LeBron hasn’t fired him. Ahhhh how many of y’all have fired a head coach and a gm in the same season!!!!!!!! Next time, if Dave Griffin has any sense at all, he’ll throw scissors.


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