3/15/2016 Bracket, Pizza Dude, Kellogg

Hour 1

NCAA Bracket Breakdown | First Four Matchups | Jim’s Early Radio Days 


Hour 2

Buck Joyner (College Basketball) Interview | Archie Miller (College Basketball) Interview | Team Moat


Hour 3

Dqwell Jackson Found Guilty Of Punching Pizza Guy | Philip Hints At Coaching At Home | Clark Kellogg (College Basketball) Interview



Buck Joyner

Hampton head coach on having to play Virginia in the NCAA Tournament: “One hell of a consolation prize for winning your regular season and your tournament.”


Archie Miller

Dayton head coach on the NCAA Tournament Bracket being leaked on social media: “This day in age it’s hard to keep anything secret.”


Clark Kellogg

CBS College Basketball analyst on how many teams he feels can win the National Championship: “8 to 10.”


@jimrome’s Bracket Advice

Hard to believe, but it’s already bracket week. The most exciting event in sports, and the most gut-wrenching event in the office place.
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Awful Idea, Zen Master

Kobe Bryant says Knicks fans should put their faith in Phil Jackson. But Philip doesn’t even want to put himself on a plane.
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Whack The Alf

Spring Break just started early at UCLA. I’ve gotta a feeling on Frat Row in Westwood, there were some red solo cups raised to the sky out of respect for the pilot buzzing campus with a FIRE ALFORD banner.
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Pizza Dude Nation

You might know D’Qwell Jackson as the Colts linebacker who launched Deflate Gate. But he’s also now the guy who deflated a pizza man’s face.
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