All Is Right Now

What do you know – its mid-March. Spring Break bros are stocking up on Fireball. Ronnie Mac is hawking that Shamrock Shake. Clocks have sprung forward. And Wichita State is on the NCAA dance floor.

You know what’s not a shock at all – That the Shockers just punched Vandy in the face and punched their ticket to the dance. Of course they did.

Wichita State is in. At this point it’s not really the NCAA Tournament without representation from WichVegas.

Hey Poindexter – you want to tell them now that their RPI was 49? You want to point out there were 5 teams rated better that didn’t get in? And that at times this year Gregg Marshall’s guys didn’t pass the “eye” test? Let me ask you this- last night after that 20 point win, did they pass the EAR test?

Break out any tournament cliché you want because pretty every one of them applies to the Shockers. They just rolled into the first round because they are: “peaking at the right time.”…have “Great guard play” and tremendous “senior leadership.”

In fact, find me a team in recent years that have had better senior leaderships. Most coaches would gladly accept SOPHOMORE leadership at this point. But Gregg Marshall has Ronald Baker and Frederick VanVleet, a couple of dudes who have been around so long, and have played in so many big games, Marshall calls them “college basketball icons.” And the best part is- he’s right.

And one of the biggest reasons the Shockers even had to play in that warm-up game last night was that one of their icons missed significant time with injury. This is obviously a different, more dangerous team when VanVleet is healthy and running it. Ask Vandy. Shoot- ask Arizona. Because they lost last night too. No way those dudes wanted Wichita over Vanderbilt tomorrow.

Vandy has an NBA point guard in Matthew Fisher-Davis? The Shockers have 2 freaking icons and run 11 deep! Vandy has 2 7-footers? The Shockers have 2 12th-year Seniors!

All is right now that Wichita State is in the dance.


Sean Miller’s a helluva coach. And Arizona is a nice team. But the last thing he wants to see is a tournament tough, healthy Wichita State in the first round. He has to be like, are you freaking kidding me?


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