Merry Freaking Christmas

Merry Freaking Christmas and welcome to the party pal!

This is the morning we bolt down the stairs and dive into our presents. They’ve been sitting down there under the tree since Sunday. We’ve sorted through them, we’ve shaken them, and now it’s jump in and open them. But before we rip open the wrapping paper for tip off. Let’s peel back this onion.

The NCAA tournament is the best day in sports.

Day 1 is the best day of the tournament. So that means we’re standing on the edge of the cliff about to jump in and do a jackknife into the best sports day of the year. #1 of 365.

The NFL Divisional Playoff weekend is great- because we get football for 2 days. The NCAA long weekend last for 4 days! And there are no true Cinderella’s in the shield. There are no mid majors. Even the NFC East doesn’t churn out a 15 seed. Only the opening of March madness truly has everybody on the dance floor.

And I’m feeling it. Are you cracking a beer? I’m cracking the mic. And typically I’m sitting here starting the show staring up at the TV seeing white noise about the Cavs, free agency contracts the baseball code. Booooooooooring. You know what I’m going to be looking at today? UNC-Wilmington v. Duke. In Rhode Island!!! Colorado v. UConn in Iowa!! Butler-Texas Tech in North Carolina!! And then we’re going to Washington to take back the White House yeeeahyeeeahyeeah!!!!

Give me Bulldogs v. Red Raiders and Huskies v Buffaloes on the box right now before Broncos-Pats, Tide v. Buckeyes, or Holm v. Rousey.

When you’re a kid- Christmas lasts for about 30 seconds. This Christmas lasts for the next 3 weeks. By the time Seton Hall  and Gonzaga tip at 7 o’clock tonight we’re going to be catatonic. And then tomorrow we re-rack and run it back for Day 2.

Hell yes. Drink ’em if you got ’em, or close your office door and get ready to pretend like you’re working. This is as good as it gets.

Clones – Merry Christmas and a happy new beer.



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